Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cycling in Korea :: BIG ROAD RIDES 150-200K DAYS, OPEN CALL! TEL: 010.8075.5121

You're never alone. Cycling is the riders best companion activity. You+Bike=Joy.

Correspondence with Helen, she's an avid cyclist in Korea, good on you Helen! Here's our notes:

Helen Kinuthia June 3 at 1:31pm writes:

Hi Brian,

Some great photos from your rides!!!

Wondering what you are up to this weekend? I am hoping to get a fairly long ride in. Was going to ride from Cheonan to Mokpo, but i'll now be in Mokpo the following weekend so would like to go somewhere different.

Let me know if you'd be for going on a ride on Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Just one day or more :) It'd be great to ride with someone - still finding it a challenge to meet people to ride with.

Am hoping to get out of Seoul to see somewhere new.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Brian 브라이안 Perich June 3 at 6:40pm writes:

Ah, a great challenge it is connecting with riders in Korea (no small task at all, luck in past few rides!! ^_^). Let's ride...hmmm. My wife and family are over in Ansan, I'm in Gangneung, Gangwon-do at the moment, I will drive up to gather them (newborn came three weeks ago, are in my sets Family Expedition -Mark I). Are you based in Cheonan now -or Seoul? I have ridden Ansan-Suwon-Pyeongtaek, Cheonan (day 1), Cheonan to Boryeong (Daecheon Beach) Day 2, Daecheon Beach to Gunsan/Byeongsanbando National Park Day 3. That's the closet to Mokpo -to date.

Your plans/ideas/routes -welcome. Invite others, I will notify my co-teacher and student that's picked on riding, great times (invite your friends, let's ride together)...

My recent ride ideas: Gangneung to Ganseong (closest town to DMZ) and back to Gangneung in a day? That's about 200km. It would be epic to do this for the first time with you. If too much, we could explore the backcountry and still visit Sokcho and return to Gangneung.

Feel free to call 010.3037.5126 or home 070.8185.5126. Mobile is fine, I just finished teaching until late July I start again...


Brian Perich, Cycling in Korea

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