Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tough at the top // On-One Fatbike commuting to work // Mountain bike films // 26 inch vs. 24 inch

On-One Fun Fattie 24 inch diameter wheel mountain bike,
Is it twice the fun?

[Authors notes:  On-One Bikes staff member Ross takes the more fun option to get to work...on the worlds first production 24" fat bike] Smaller rim diameter than the conventional 26 inch wheel Fatbike or mountain bike, but perhaps it is also more manageable for trail riding control and more of a daily appeal to the ride? Follow the trails to another quality adventure cycle option. 

Let's compare 26 inch touring tires with Fat Bike tires...

Wheel diameters and tire dimensions keep changing in the global market, Fat bikes use conventional 26 inch wheel diameter on larger rim widths for smoother rolling resistance without any necessary suspension.Compared to cycle touring on Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour 26 inch by 2.0 inch width (Marathon XR) 1100 gram Kevlar tires (thunder and a hammer of a beating on the body for endurance riding offroad plus 2000 kilometers), the Fat Tire ride comfort difference would be considerable - although you can carry 145 kilograms of rider + bike + equipment and not worry about having punctures while doing the Schwalbe option above.

With bikepacking setups, riders cut the equipment weight losing frame-mounted carrier racks and using strapped packs referred to Bikepacking.So adventure travel with Fat Bikes is an option, although there is additional weight factored into the frame and rim materials, tire dimensions and design (Fat bike tire replacements are expensive too). It's worth looking into for your adventure. Which setup works best for you depends on price, quality of components, your budget and destinations!

Trail riding in Outer Mongolia 2014
Cross Mongolia (2500 kilometers) bikepacking in 2012